Chinese Embassy Empowers Youth sector

August 10, 2020

Chinese Ambassador  to Sierra Leone Hu Zhangliang met with a  team led by  Lusine Kallon, Deputy Minister of Youth Affairs, and Ngolo Katta, Commissioner of National Youth Commission (NAYCOM)  at his residence and donated a batch of items on behalf of the Embassy to support NAYCOM’s efforts of empowering the youths in Sierra Leone.

Ambassador Hu spoke highly of President Julius Maada Bio’s vision of promoting youth development and noted that the youths are the future of the country.

He said that China has been supporting capacity building of the young people in Sierra Loene through various cooperation projects, training programs and scholarships over the years.

He promised that China would continue to do so within its capacity.

Deputy Minister Kallon and Commissioner Kattta thanked Ambassador Hu and the Chinese Embassy for the friendly support.

They said that MYA and NAYCOM would continue maintaining close cooperation with the Chinese side and learning from China’s experience to promote the development and welfare of the youths in Sierra Leone.