Chinese doctors determined to make Jui hospital West African best

August  7, 2019

BY Alusine Sesay


Doctor Jiang Haibo,Chinese Medical Team lead

Team lead for the 21st batch of the Chinese Medical Team in Sierra Leone, Doctor Jiang Haibo, has yesterday expressed determination to do more in improving the country’s healthcare system by making Sierra Leone-China Friendship hospital the best in the West African sub

“We want to do more in improving the Sierra Leone healthcare system. We want the hospital to be the best in the entire West Africa region and we need more equipment. The Hospital has some basic equipment based on the standard of the country but we need more,” he said.

He disclosed that they have performed 30 surgeries in various areas for the past one month.

Doctor Jiang Haibo said they are happy to be in Sierra Leone and share their experience with the local medical staff.

“We are trying our best to teach them basic skills and we are happy working in Sierra Leone,” he said.

Since the outbreak of the Ebola Virus Disease in Sierra Leone, the Chinese Government has been sending medical team that has been providing services in the healthcare sector. Aside from the healthcare service, the team has also been providing training for the local medical staff in various areas.

Some of the local staff interviewed yesterday by Concord Times expressed gratitude for the training they have acquired from various Chinese medical teams sent to the country since after the outbreak of the Ebola Virus Disease.

“I have benefited a lot from the training I have acquired from the Chinese Medical team in Sierra Leone. I have been to China where I underwent some basic training as a laboratory technician, coupled with the ones I have benefited from the medical team sent here. I can now conduct thorough clinical test and conduct analysis of all types through the training I have acquired from the Chines Medical team,” said Moses Senesie, laboratory technician attached to the Jui Hospital.

Senesie, who have been at the hospital since inception, told Concord Times that he has worked with all the Chinese medical teams that have been sent to Sierra Leone, and that he can now operate different equipment through the training he has acquired from the team.

He said the laboratory is now well equipped to detect any viral disease like Ebola, among several others.

Doctor Li Yanbing is the current supervisor of the Laboratory Test Department of the hospital. She told Concord Times that based on her assessment there has been a huge improvement in the capacity of the local staff.

 “I enjoyed working in Sierra Leone, especially with the staff I met. I provide training for them, especially in the use of the Microscope and other equipment and they have learnt a lot,” she said.

Also, Doctor He yz  is attached to the Clinical Skills Training Center where she offers training for local staff once per month.

At the Traditional Chinese Medicine Department, Doctor Zhou Wei provides basic training in massage, the use of Chinese traditional medicine and other physical therapy for two local staff attached to the department.

Abdul Aziz Kamara is a student in Traditional Medicine. He told Concord Times that he has benefited a lot from the training he has acquired from the Chinese Medical team.

“For the past two years, I have learnt a lot in the use of traditional Chinese medicine. I am grateful to the Chinese Medical team because I am now capable of delivering effectively,” he said.

Isatu Manasaray, a staff nurse also attached to the Traditional Chinese Medicine Department told Concord Times that, “I have been here for over five years   and I have learnt a lot from the Chinese Medical Team. I have been to China for six months and acquired training in traditional Chinese Medicine. I can now be referred to as an expert in that area.”

She expressed her gratitude for the training she has acquired from the Chinese medical team, and promised to put it into better use.

Nurse Eleanor, a mother of two boys, attached to the Ophthalmology Department, is also passionate about being an ophthalmologist based on the training she has acquired over the years from the Chinese Medical Team.

Her supervisor, a Chinese Medical Team member whose English name is  Doctor Candice, told Concord Times that Eleanor would always be in the operating room during work and later receives some tuition on how to operate under the microscope.

Overall, the training provided by the Chinese, according to observation, has improved the human resource capacity of the Sierra Leone-China Friendship Hospital for any future disease outbreak.