Captain Kamara escapes, 5 in custody

May 22, 2019


Captain Patrick Kamara is nowhere to be found

Major  Yayah Brima attached to the Public Relations Department of the Ministry of Defense has confirmed to Concord Times that five military personnel are currently in detention helping the police and the military with investigations into the alleged disappearance of Captain Patrick Edwin  Kamara, who was standing trial before court martial in Freetown.

Captain Kamara was the commander of the Presidential Guard Force Unit under former President Ernest Bai Koroma and report that he escaped from the military detention at Wilberforce Barracks without any sign of breakage.

He was charged alongside two others-SLAF 18165301 Warrant Officer Class one, Samuel Conteh and RSLAF 18167256 Warrant Officer Class two, Abu Bakarr Jalloh on five counts ranging from conspiracy, larceny by servant, willful neglect and ordering damage to service property, willful damage of service property, to conduct that was prejudicial to the group order and military discipline, contrary to the Armed Forces of the Republic of Sierra Leone Act No.34 of 1961 as amended. But they have pleaded not guilty to the offences.

The trio were alleged to have between January 1st, 2008 and 19th  June, 2018, in Freetown, with intent to steal from the government of Sierra Leone, conspired together with other persons unknown to steal by unlawfully agreeing to steal 4,245 rounds of 12.7 millimeter AA rounds, 3,828 rounds of 14.5 millimeter AA rounds, 11 guns of RPG 6 rounds of 7.62/39 milimetres, 11,476 rounds of 7.62/39 milimetres gun, 14,100 rounds of 7.62/39 millimeters tracer,  6,740 rounds of 7.62/51 millimeters bird wink, 515 rounds of 9/18 millimeters, all to the value of $80,402.30 equivalent to Le 683,490,550, property of the Government of Sierra Leone (GoSL).

The investigators had alleged that the men committed a civil offence contrary to Section 72 of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Sierra Leone Act No.34 of 9161 as amended, that is to say larceny by servant contrary to Section 17(2) (a) of the Larceny Act of 1916.

However,the accused had denied the allegations and testified before the court martial. The matter is already nearing completion with both the prosecution and defense expected to address the court yesterday. It is unclear whether Captain Kamara is within the jurisdiction of Freetown as both the police and the military could not locate him as at press time.