‘Breast cancer is the second leading cause of death globally’

-Thinking Pink CEO

October 27, 2020

 By Hassan Gbassay Koroma

A group photo of Orange staff and members of Thinking Pink

The Chief Executive Officer of Thinking Pink Breast Cancer Foundation, Cremelda Pakinson Pratt, has told journalists that breast cancer is the second leading cause of death globally, with Sierra Leone not being an exception.

She made the statement yesterday at Orange Telecom Head Office,IMATT in Freetown, while conducting breast cancer examination on all Orange Telecom male and female staff in celebration of breast cancer day in Sierra Leone.

“Orange Telecom is our main sponsor in breast cancer awareness and treatment in Sierra Leone. Breast cancer is the second leading cause of death globally and Sierra Leone is part of it,” she said

She said breast cancer does not only affect women, but also affects men, stating that women are more vulnerable.

She emphasized the need for every woman to examine their breast ten days after observing their monthly period for early detection and treatment.

Manger of Cooperate Social Responsibility,Orange Sierra Leone, Desmond Spain, said at Orange Telecom, they had declared yesterday, 26th  October, and the rest of the October month as breast cancer day.

He said for several years now they have been working with Thinking Pink Breast Cancer Foundation to create a platform and opportunity for women in the country that cannot afford to go to the hospital to be examined.

He said they are going to conduct breast cancer test on all staff at their head office, their customer service shops and market places-to give the grassroots people the opportunity to examine their breast for cancer.

He said they were also supporting the treatment of breast cancer victims to the extent of financing surgery for some of those victims.

He said the 26th is the date they had chosen and the rest of October to be the breast cancer day for Orange Telecom Sierra Leone, stating that they were not only targeting Freetown, but the entire country.

He further told journalists that they usually celebrate every year with street parades, but they couldn’t do so this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

He said this year they decided to pay attention to breast cancer examination and treatment because there are a lot of women who are victims of breast cancer.