BRACK Sierra Leone supports 434 famers in 3 districts

May 3, 2019   


With funds from the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation and ECOWAS; BRAC and PICEP Sierra Leone in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Food Security (MAFs) through the “ECOWAS Sustainable Livestock Development Model for Improved Food & Nutrition Security in Sierra Leone” has supported 434 farmers in three districts (Bo, Moyamba & Kenema) with conditional cash transfer through mobile money/digital transaction in Bo district, Selega Chiefdom (Sembehun Community). The activity was held on Thursday 25th April, 2019. The event attracted chiefdom/community stakeholders, representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Food Security, NaCSA, Bo district council and peer INGOs.

The aim of the conditional cash grants approach is to address the underlying and structural causes of poverty, hunger and nutrition insecurity through sustainable livestock development model and strengthening the livelihood of vulnerable households.

Kadiatu Gomoh, one of the project’s beneficiaries expressed sincere thanks and appreciation to BRAC and its donors for the support. According to Kadiatu the support has brought in some relief to her business and family needs as a single parent. “Today, my family and I have got some hope of survival and sustainability because I am sure of additional goats, which will be sold in-order to expand my business” she added.