Bormeh Garbage Causes Traffic Congestion

August 22, 2017 By Joseph S. Margai


Two lanes from Ferry junction completely blocked by garbage


Two lanes from Ferry junction completely blocked by garbage

Residents around Bormeh  dumpsite in the eastern part  of Freetown  yesterday deposited garbage on the two lane –road  leading to central and western parts of Freetown, causing serious vehicular traffic in that part of the city.

The scene was a complete eyesore and an embarrassment to the country.

A businessman at Bai Bureh Road, where the dumpsite is situated, Noah Sesay, said they wanted the dumpsite to be relocated because it has been overflown with waste to the extent of blocking the two lane -road leading to central and western parts of Freetown.

“There is no effective monitoring at the dumpsite. We have been seeing youth with tricycles depositing waste on the main Bai Bureh Road which is outside the fence of the dumpsite. The two lanes on the other side of the road were blocked, thus causing lots of traffic congestion,” he said.

He said aside from the putrefying odor from the dumpsite, the smoke that emanates from the dumpsite can be toxic to human existence.

He casts blames on the Freetown City Council (FCC) for not monitoring the situation at the dumpsite.

Amara Keita, a carpenter at Bai Bureh Road, also expressed similar sentiment, saying that the rotten smell from the dumpsite was embarrassing to them.

Responding to accusation that the waste were deposited on the street by residents and people conducting business around the vicinity, he denied, saying that they do deposit their waste at the actual dumpsite.

According to him, the bulldozer that was used to drag the waste from the street to the dumpsite, has been taken away since Saturday by an unknown person.

However, Mohamed A.S. Koroma, Acting Chief Administrator of FCC, accused ‘unpatriotic’ Sierra Leoneans for dumping their waste on the street, instead of taking them to the dumpsite.

“People’s attitude towards waste management is very poor. They have littered the whole street with garbage, thereby causing lots of traffic congestion. But as a responsible council, we have hired the services of three bulldozers to clean the entire area so as to ease the situation,” he said.

He noted that residents within the garbage collection area are at risk of contracting diseases like cholera, malaria, diarrhea, among several others, urging them to properly take their waste to the dumpsite in order to prevent such diseases.

“As a council, we are doing our best to ensuring that the dumpsite is well managed. We want people to cooperate with us to also properly manage the site. They have a responsibility of not depositing their waste outside the fence because it’s a recipe for health hazards,” he cautioned.

The FCC Chief Administrator said plans were underway to engage the bulldozers for three days, so as to ensure that the entire area is properly cleaned up.

One of the sides of the fence at the dumpsite has collapsed but Mr. Koroma said plans were underway to re-erect it by the FCC.

He assured that the Metropolitan police would be deployed at the dumpsite to prevent people from dumping waste on the street.

 “This dumpsite is managed by MASADA Waste Management but FCC normally adds more muscles if the situation gets worse like it was,” he said.