Bonthe residents unhappy about solar lights

By Matthew Jabby

Residents of Bonthe have raised serious concerns over the manner in which the solar light panels were distributed in the township.

According to aggrieved residents, five hundred (500) street solar light panels were originally earmarked for the town but only two hundred and fifty (250) were eventually installed within the Bonthe municipality, which they say is insufficient.

Residents also alleged that the solar lights were installed in a hurry in a bid to grant the ruling party political leverage in a region that is regarded as an opposition stronghold, thus leaving some streets in abject darkness.

The installation of solar lights in Bonthe was a remarkable milestone in a town which has been without electricity for decades, but residents have expressed dissatisfaction over what they say is uneven distribution of the lights in the town.

So, while they welcome the installation of the solar panels, they have also lamented the fact that the Ministry of Energy failed to train people from the town to fix faulty solar lights.

One aggrieved resident told Concord Times that towns like Makeni in the north have more than double solar lights installed in every nook and cranny of the towns, plus 24 hours electricity, while Bonthe is neglected, with few and far between solar lights installed around the town.