Audit Service achieves 85% of audit coverage

October 16, 2019

By Ibrahim Tarawallie 


Deputy Auditor General Finance and Corporate Services, Adama Renner

The Audit Service Sierra Leone say they achieved 85% of audit coverage of Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) for 2018 and hope to maintain that percentage this year as well as the 2020 financial year.

Deputy Auditor General for Finance and Corporate Services, Adama Renner put forward the unavailability of proper office accommodation as one of the reasons why 100% coverage cannot be achieved.

She told participants during the bilateral budget discussions that even if they wanted to recruit more staff to ensure that they achieve 100% coverage, they can’t achieve that because the space is not enough to house them.

She disclosed that a total of 170 audits have been completed as at July 2019 out of the 211 projected, but assured of achieving their target before the end of the year.

“What we have now is barely enough to house the staff that we have in the office,” she said, and disclosed that they were in the process of putting together the Auditor General’s Report for 2018, which they plan to submit to Parliament by November.

Ms. Renner assured that MDAs, donor funded projects, local councils, public enterprises and public accounts will be audited in 2020.

Also, the Deputy Auditor General said they have realised that most of the MDAs, especially those generating revenues are using information systems to now generate their data.

According to her, if they are to audit those processes properly, they needed to have an in depth knowledge of those systems to have an idea of how to audit in to the system.

She disclosed plans of setting up an Information Technology Audit Unit, which will be solely responsible to undertake IT audit in most of these major revenue streams.

She further disclosed audit of 22 local authorities have been completed and that they are now in the process of finalized some of them because their accounts were submitted very late.

She assured that the report from those audits will be included in the Auditor General’s 2018 report.