Audit report decries persistent power outage at Bo Police Clinic

January 22, 2020

By Jariatu S. Bangura

The 2018 Auditor General’s report has revealed that there was no power supply to the Police Clinic in Bo for the period under review.

Auditors stated that investigations carried out revealed that the clinic did not have an Electricity Distribution and Supply Agency (EDSA) metre, and generally there was a serious electricity challenge in Bo City.

The only generator the clinic was using also had a major challenge, as its battery was faulty.

 In that regard, the auditors state that the refrigerator, air conditioner and other electrical equipment could not be used to preserve the store items, especially drugs and that it posed the risk of store items being damaged or deteriorated.

“We recommended that the Assistant Inspector General (AIG) and the Community Health Officer (CHO) should liaise with other authorities to ensure a reliable electricity supply is provided to keep the store items under the required temperature. A new battery is acquired with immediate effect. The clinic is provided with a metre from the EDSA,” they recommended.

The Regional Commander of the Police Clinic stated that efforts had been made to procure a battery for the generator and that request had been submitted to the Director, Support Services for necessary action.

He said a copy of the requisition is available for inspection, stating that EDSA has already done a survey for the provision of a separate metre for the Police Clinic.

However, auditors noted that their recommendation was not followed by the Clinic and that the issue remains unresolved.

The report also reveals that there was insufficient essential equipment such as beds, tables, delivery sets, mattresses at the police clinic, to carry out major and basic health services.

“The general medical consumable materials such as gloves, mattresses, aprons, and soap supporting the effectiveness of health care facilities were in short supply. The ambulance at the police clinic was faulty and needed urgent repairs. The clinic was in a deplorable condition with damaged ceilings and no evidence of rehabilitation during 2018.”

Auditors further observed that there was no placenta pit and the incinerator at the clinic was not functioning.

“The hospital compound is not fenced and therefore people use the compound as access route; thereby creating opportunities for thieves to intrude into the compound especially at night.We recommended that the CHO should liaise with the AIG South and other authorities to ensure the necessary equipment are provided to enhance the work of medical staff of the police clinic. Medical consumables needed by various units of the hospital are made available to enhance effective health care services.”

They further recommended that urgent repairs should be done to the faulty ambulance so that it can be roadworthy to convey patients in critical medical condition and in emergency cases.

The Regional Commander stated that “The Director of Medical Services who has just been appointed has promised to ensure that the consumable materials are provided to enhance the work of the medical staff at the various units of the hospital.

Also, he said the faulty ambulance ‘SLP 197’   in question has been diagnosed and request for spare parts has been forwarded to the Director, Support Services for action.

He said the incoming Director of Medical Services has just concluded a nationwide tour, and the issue of rehabilitation and refurbishing of the hospital building and the provision of placenta pit and incinerator for proper disposal of medical waste was brought to his attention and he promised to take necessary action as soon as possible.

He further stated that a perimeter fence to prevent intruders and other unauthorised persons at night was also brought to his attention and he immediately called the Police Estate Department who are presently working to ensure that the fence is erected.

But Auditor’s commented that the issues raised have still not been addressed and that they remain unresolved.