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Orange reduces data price by 58% in Sierra Leone

By Hassan Gbassay Koroma


 In their quest to providing quality and affordable service to their customers in the country, one of the leading telecommunication companies in the country, Orange Sierra Leone, last Friday launched its new data prices, showing 58% decreased.

Speaking at the launching ceremony at their IMMAT Head Office, Chief Executive Office, Orange Sierra Leone, Sekou Drame, said the company has  ones more responded to the call of its profound customers as the media launch in their new data prices is a special and remarkable day in the lives of their data customers and the company.

He said they have created a touch point with their customers by giving them a platform for proper and accessible data usage in line with their availability and affordability principle.

He said in this age of globalization, Information Communication Technology (ICT) has been playing a critical role in contributing towards inclusive growth and development in 3rd world countries and it is therefore imperative for them at Orange Sierra Leone to make quality network available to all both in the urban and  rural settings.

He further that looking at the policy programs initiated by the government in respect of nationwide internet accessibility, he was optimistic that their dream of quality internet service for everyone will take definite shape in the near future.

He continued that it will however; require participation from all and sundry to create capacity in best practices and to set new benchmark for delivery of quality service, adding that as a telecoms provider, they wanted to ensure that their children and young people and even the aged have access to quality service in all aspects of telecoms.

He said their new price for internet service with different optional data bundles will create an avenue for even the underprivileged school going children and university students to access internet in terms of doing their research   and connecting with the outside world.

“It is our firm belief that quality and affordable internet service is the way to go for a sustainable society and as the Chief Executive Officer of Orange Sierra Leone, I consider it a privilege to be part of this transformation,” he said.

He added that for Sierra Leone to become part of the new beginning, they will need everyone to disseminate and circulate the great achievement and come together to build a future where each individual of the country has the opportunity to access the internet thereby fulfilling their potentials.

In his presentation Felix Macauley, said for all of their customers to have access to quality and affordable internet service they have reduced their data prices to 58% giving everybody the opportunity use internet in the country.