As raining season approaches…

Zimmi Immigration Staff Worried Over Thatch Office

May 6, 2019

By Emmanuel Okyne


Shameful! This is the Zimmi Immigration post

Immigration Officer attached at the Zimmi Immigration Post in the Pujehun  District, Muniru Lebbie, has over the weekend expressed worries over the dilapidated condition of their thatched office, which he said poses serious threat and as well serves as hindrance to their work as the raining season approaches.

Lebbie appealed for government to provide them with a better office structure that would enhance their work and ensure safety.

He reiterated that the rains do severely hinder their daily task and usually dislodged personnel completely from work due to the leaking roof.

He stated that the Zimmi Post is the first point where travelers’ documents are assessed, but that the office was affected by the road construction undertaken by CSE.

He said since the post was demolished by the contractors, it has not been reconstructed, expressing fear that the rains would soon commence.

He said the Immigration Office in Freetown had long been informed about their constraints, but that nothing has been done to salvage the situation.

Lebbie said the current thatched office was provided by the Head Office in Freetown, but has failed to provide permanent structure.

The Immigration Officer said their documents usually get wet whenever heavy rain fall, adding that they lacked proper plastic folders to secure documents.

Lebbie appealed to the senior staff to provide the post with a temporary zinc structure that would aid staff and documents from being wet.