APC Publicity Secretary orientates media ahead of Makeni conference

October 12, 2017 By Memunatu Bangura


Acting National Publicity Secretary of the ruling All People’s Congress (APC) has engaged journalists with regards the way they want the party’s national delegates’ conference in Makeni to be covered.

The ruling party will converge in Makeni from the 14th and 15th October, 2017, to elect/select national officers to run the party’s affairs, as well as presidential candidate for the March 7, 2018 multitier elections.

Cornelius Deveaux, who doubles as Deputy Minister of Information and Communications stated that it was important that they orientate the media about the necessary preparation that has been put in place for the conference.

He revealed that some one thousand four hundred delegates and over eight thousand  supporters would be in attendance to give credence to the conference.

He cautioned journalists to be mindful of people they would solicit information from during the conference because not everyone in red will be a true APC supporter.

Deveaux continued that during the conference, an information kiosk would be made available to provide relevant information to media houses and make their work easier.

“You must be careful of the people you talk to during the conference. You should not see people in APC regalia and interview them. There will be accredited people that are permitted to talk on behalf of the party,” he said.

The APC spokesman also warned journalists not to make mischief during the conference, and encouraged them to be mindful of side attractions and pictures they would want to capture during the conference.

“A misunderstanding between two people during the conference would not be sufficient to discredit the event. You must be careful of the people you talk to in order to avoid getting the wrong information,” he added.