APC Minister Allegedly Owes Comrade Le11m

September 8, 2017 By Joseph S. Margai



Accuser: Mariama Sheriff-Leigh


accused: Kadijah O. Sesay, Deputy Minister of Works

A diehard supporter of the ruling All People’s Congress  (APC) party, Mariama Sheriff-Leigh, has told Concord Times that the Deputy Minister of Works, Housing and Infrastructure, Kadijah O. Sesay,  owes her the sum of Le11.670 million.

According to Madam Sheriff-Leigh, the deputy minister owes her the amount after she took items from her stall on credit in 2016.

“I did not give her the physical cash. She has been taking foodstuff and other goods from my stall on credit and I have been taking note of everything. During the last bye-election at Bumbuna, she took about three million seven hundred thousand Leones (Le3,700,000) worth loaves of bread from my bakery, plus  seventy (70) bundles of pure drinking water, but hasn’t paid me a dime,” she explained.

She claimed that the deputy minister had promised to pay for the said goods, though she was yet to honour her promise.

Asked about her relationship with the deputy minister, Mrs. Sheriff-Leigh said she knew Madam Kadijah O. Sesay through APC – the party they both support.

“Most times, she would sit in Freetown and instruct me to prepare food for her guests. At times, she comes to the shop and take lots of items and promise to pay me later, but she has not,” she further claimed.

However, when contacted through her mobile phone, the deputy minister denied owing Madam Sheriff any amount, stating that, “Mr. Reporter, I don’t want to waste both mine and your time. If Mariama Sheriff-Leigh alleges that I have to pay her she should take me to court.”