‘APC constitution is archaic in a democratic process’

Dr. Victoria Saidu Kamara

October 12, 2017 By Regina Pratt


Daughter of a founding member of the ruling All Peoples Congress (APC) party and first executive President of Sierra Leone, Dr. Siaka P. Stevens, Hon. Victoria Saidu- Kamara, has observed that the clause in the APC Constitution that permits selection/election of the party’s executive officers is archaic, thus calling for a review.

Hon. Kamara, who was speaking to a cross-section of journalists on Tuesday in her office at Carlton-Carew Road in Freetown, said the constitution of the ruling party is undemocratic.

In her official declaration to vie for the flag-bearer position of her late father’s party, ahead of national delegates’ convention in Makeni this weekend, said she is not in a fight with anyone but reiterated that the selection/election clause in the APC constitution is obsolete.

“My candid opinion is that it’s unfair for people to take up any executive position of the party while serving in the capacity as a minister, mayor, among others,” she observed.

The erstwhile Member of Parliament complained that she has been ignored by the very party that was founded by her late father, the first executive president of Sierra Leone.

“Anyone who wants to silence me in the party is doing it at his/her own detriment. I am ready to go to Makeni as a legitimate and paid up member of the APC party,” she said.

Hon. Dr. Kamara said she would support whosoever emerges as winner in the flag-bearer race, adding that the process should be more competitive.

At least 20 individuals, majority being men, have expressed their desire to lead the ruling party into crucial presidential election slated for March 7, 2018. The party’s constitution has a dubious clause which states that a presidential candidate shall be either elected or selected by the national delegates’ congress, without indicating which option should be first taken.

It is reported that President Ernest Koroma, who is chairman and leader of the party, and the core of the National Advisory Council (NAC), want a convivial contest in a bid to keep the party united as they go into the crucial election.

However, speculation that the president and or the NAC would ‘select’ a candidate, instead of allow a democratic and transparent election, would be illegal as the party’s constitution gives such powers to only the national delegates.

Hon. Dr. Kamara also called on women folk to support female aspirants as there is a need for a woman to lead the country.

She stated that due to her hard work and competency, she was elected to represent former Constituency 97 in the Western Urban and later elected as the 4th deputy speaker of the ECOWAS Parliament.

Unlike her male counterparts who say only glorious things about the party’s chairman and leader, the firebrand female politician said: “I was badly treated by President Koroma. He relieved me from my position as a Minister of Tourism and Cultural Affairs after I lost my husband and returned home from United States of America (USA). He asked me to work with the executive of the APC party but I declined,” she revealed.

She revealed that after completing her doctorate degree, she sent 26 invitation letters/cards to the party, including the president and his vice, but they did not attend the dinner and nobody has congratulated her since.

Asked about her relationship with the National Advisory Council (NAC), Dr. Victoria Saidu Kamara said she doesn’t have any business to do with NAC members because they are all dancing to the tune of President Koroma.

“Paying my dues is the only relationship I have with the APC party,” she concluded.