Ambassador Omrie Golley Continues to woo more Investors

April 5, 2019

By Abdul Malik Bangura


Ambassador Omrie Golley

Former Sierra Leone Ambassador to South Korea under the previous All Peoples Congress (APC) administration of President Ernest Bia Koroma, Omrie Michael Golley has continue to woo more investors to come and revamp the economy of Sierra Leone.

Ambassador Omrie Golley, who was sacked by the current Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) leadership of President Julius Maada Bio, has himself called on all political actors in Sierra Leone to work together to ease the political hate and tension in the country .

Whilst dilating on ways to help the current government for the very good of all Sierra Leoneans, the renowned UK based lawyer, Ambassador Omrie Golley, who is the current CEO/Chairman Board of Directors of Afric-Asia Asset Holdings Limited based in the United Kingdom, said “notwithstanding the fact that there is a new government, we must come onboard to improve the lives of the people.”

Ambassador Omrie Golley further said: “Those of us, who have small ways, should come onboard to help,” adding that through his Afric-Asia Asset Holdings Limited as key vehicle to engineer his lobby, he has been able to engage several investors from Kazakhstan, United Kingdom, Turkey and Guinea to come into Sierra Leone and see how they can revamp the economy. He said “I intend to bring more investors from Kazakhstan in the coming months.”

In addition, Ambassador Omrie Golley added that only by enticing potential investors to come and meet the people of Sierra Leone will interest them to come in and work to develop the country.

“I am determined to assist the government of President Bio, and I believe the key to reviving the economy is through the private sector,” Ambassador Omrie Golley stated. He said, through private sector investment, he is keen on bringing investors to contribute in key areas of the economy, especially in areas like Agriculture, Fishing and Transportation. Thus, he said, already the idea of an improved cocoa production by providing incentives for farmers and assist in revenue generation for government within the cocoa world.

Meanwhile, it could be recalled that in 2013, long before his appointment as Ambassador to South Korea, Ambassador Omrie Golley had already mobilized the sum of $54 million for the construction of a 15 story building here in Freetown which will comprise of an auditorium, car parking facilities together with office and residential units.

Also, during the Ebola outbreak, Ambassador Omrie Golley facilitated the sum $ 500,000 for the fight against eradicating Ebola. He also facilitated two separate cash and humanitarian donations of $ 300,000 and $ 100,000 by the Korean government and by the Korean construction conglomerate respectively during the August 14, 2017 Mudslides and Flooding.

Through his quest in developing Sierra Leone in the Water Sector, Koica had also approved the sum of $1 Million grant towards to Sierra Leone for a water rehabilitation project. Ambassador Golley had also facilitated the Construction of the medical centre at Tokeh. He was instrumental in the development of progressive fishing policies between Korean Government and the Government of Sierra Leone.

Ambassador Omrie Golley promised to reactivate his contacts by bringing onboard all of them through his Afric-Asia Asset Holdings Limited to ensure that all key players of Sierra Leone political system work together for the betterment of the people. 

Suggestion Boxes for the Free Quality Education launched

Compliment President Bio’s flagship programme of Free Quality School Education (FQSE) is not enough for thorough commitment, it is in that regard that the Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education (MBSSE) in partnership with HEAL-SL and with support from UNICEF and IrishAid has on Thursday 4 April 2019 launched the Free Quality Education Suggestion Boxes at the Saint Joseph Secondary School in Freetown.

In her address, the Deputy Minister of MBSSE, Emily Kadiatu Gogra expressed that said it is indeed a laudable venture that she is very proud to be part of the process in ensuring that comments/suggestions/questions are brought to the limelight in evaluating the FQSE.

She went further to say that using the suggestion boxes is a good administrative policy which keeps the government on it toes in terms of quality delivery on its promise of free quality education for all.

“…use the suggestion boxes, do not suffer in silence or resort to stress,” the Deputy Minister advised.

The Honourable Deputy Minister assured all that negotiations are intact in the pathway for a better condition of service for the teachers and in that direction makes clear that the New Direction Government of President Bio is a ‘talk and do affair’ wherein the government is committed to bring laughter in the hearts of teachers.

Joseph Abass Sannoh who doubled as Executive Director for HEAL-SL, Proprietor for Education Microscope Newspaper and Commissioner for NATCOM recalled that on the 20 August 2018, President Bio launched the FQSE and ever since the President and his administration have been driving towards the path of quality education for all.

Commissioner Sannoh went further to say that HEAL-SL and other institutions in the education sector would see to it that they work in partnership with the government in order to ensure that President Bio’s flagship programme is achieved.

In his statements, he additionally mentioned that though the President has delivered in his promise of FQSE core textbooks and other learning materials, but yet still the teachers are yet to realize gratitude in their service delivery, especially if the quality aspect of the free education is to succeed.

“Our teachers are sacrificing a lot and as CSOs we want to see increment on their salaries,” he stressed.

He further enlightened that he is part of the Communication Sub Committee of MBSSE monitoring the FQSE and together with other members of the committee inclusive of the Chairman- Brima Michael Turay, they have thought it very meaningful to set up suggestion boxes in schools across the country in order for the pupils to have equal opportunities to expressed themselves in the forms of comments, questions or suggestions related to the FQSE.

Commissioner Sannoh continued to say that with these suggestion boxes, you can tell who have not yet received school materials, those involved in sex for grades, those paying for admissions or when one is coerced to buy foodstuffs or books at the school, amongst other ills.

“The female students are highly encouraged to take advantage of these boxes,” he appealed.

However, Sannoh warned that issues affecting pupils should be in those boxes and not necessarily misleading notions directed at sabotaging the school, teachers or the government.

Commissioner Sannoh further disclosed that the boxes in question are over 800 to be distributed in schools across the country and also in the vein revealed that MBSSE and partners involved are in talks with the mobile operators to see how best an independent toll free line is established to monitor the entire process.

The Senior Secondary School Principal of the Saint Joseph Secondary School delightedly stated that it is indeed a laudable venture for the establishment of suggestion boxes in schools to guide the entire FQSE.