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The Concord Times newspaper was founded in 1992. It is Sierra Leone’s leading publication. The newspaper has a reputation for top quality, fair and unbiased stories and features. Daily publications cover areas such as sports, politics, business, economy, entertainment, technology, etc. Concord Times founders and current editors and managers have absolutely no political affiliation, which enables the newspaper to demonstrate a high level of editorial independence. The newspaper is distributed nationwide and in some parts of Liberia.

Our editorial philosophy is anchored on ensuring that readers get a fair and balanced coverage of happenings in the society. It also includes that published stories reflect national aspirations. At Concord Times, our desire to make the society a better place overrides every other consideration. The newspaper is, therefore, a marketplace of ideas, for vigorous debates between and among the leaders and the led. It is widely considered an agent for social change.

We have led in innovation by being Sierra Leone’s first publication to go online, the first newspaper with computerized pages, the first with both local and international reporters. We lead in trustworthiness and credibility, the reason why every credible institution in Sierra Leone relates with Concord Times. The newspaper has received numerous awards for investigative journalism and balanced reporting. Continuing loyalty of its readers encourages us to strive to maintain our editorial reputation while at the same time exploring legitimate avenues that will assure Concord Times’ pre-eminent position as Sierra Leone’s number one media group.

Concord Times also pursues its aim and objective of a better life for the people of Sierra Leone outside the news dissemination function. In 2008, CT organized a public lecture in 2008 titled “Confronting the Challenges of Good Governance in a Post–Conflict Democracy’ with former President of Liberia, Prof. Amos Sawyer and former President Dr. Ahmad Tejan Kabbah of Sierra Leone as guest speakers. This gathering of intellectuals was also used to honor CT’s former editor James  Oghogor who was slain during the decade-long rebel war. James was editor of CT between 1998 to his brutal death by the rebels on January 6, 1999. He laid down his life for Nigeria, as everything affiliated to Nigeria was a target by the rebels. He refused to be evacuated back home, saying that he was officially covering the war. Many Nigerians were evacuated back home by the Nigerian Government as Nigerians were no longer safe. But James stayed back, entered the rebel zone up the provinces and met his untimely death because of his nationalism. He was identified as a Nigerian and was executed by the rebels. His body, to date, could not be identified for burial.

Concord Times, today, is been awarded in recognition of its outstanding performance in the area of communications and information.


To be the Best Media group with the Widest Reach through innovation backed by excellent service delivery, highly motivated human capital using the latest technology.


“To practise journalism objectively and excellently presenting the news and features in an exciting style, with impact, and appeal that generate returns to all stakeholders: the society, the investors and the practitioners’’.


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